Raffaele Russo and his Chefs invite you to discover their heritage, the south of Italy, through its cuisine. Passionate and generous, this true neapolitan put all his heart in sharing his emotions and gourmet secrets within each of his gastronomical selections.
The most demanding will be conquered by this universe completely dedicated to greediness, from starters to dessert. For noon, in a short time, discover fresh products in a plate of antipasti prepared with the love and the experienceof the chef, to satisfy your spirit and your stomach …
Through his typical menu you discover the neapolitan gastronomic secrets …
Be seduced by a waterfall of Antipasti!

Varied hors d'oeuvres, peasant vegetables and the other typical preparations, neapolitan specialities, carpaccio of beef, salad of octopus, pizza, ham of Parma-melon, pie vegetables, mozzarella buffala, bruschetta, peasant cooked pork meats, varied salads, depending on the Market, the inspiration of moments, the periods and the Traditions.
Embark for a tasting of a range of three sorts of pastas, daily selection.
Hand made stuffed raviolis in the coated cheese fresh tomato sauce and basilic. Paccheri di Gragnano in ceps and neapolitan sausages. Green gnocchi with Gorgonzola cheese sauce.
Service at will, the dishes are "abandoned" voluntarily left on table. Have some more! Either our meats or day fishes replace advantageously the selection of pastas. An avalanche of desserts invades your table. A delight! Do not hesitate, rejoin this absolut adventure.